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Karen is a children’s author, speaker, singer and songwriter.  She has a Masters in Education (Learning Difficulties and Student Wellbeing), has taught literacy and numeracy in TAFE and secondary schools and worked as a primary school chaplain.  She has volunteered as a mentor to a high school student and is now a voluntary literacy and numeracy tutor for an adult.

Karen shares her book and songs in all educational settings where you find young children.

As a speaker at events, Karen shares her story of working with the disadvantaged within the community.  She also shares her music and story in churches and community events.

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‘It was an absolute pleasure having Karen join us to share her book Scruffy and Silk.  She had our students totally hooked from the moment she began reading and got them involved throughout the story.  Her inclusion of song and movement allowed for students to connect with the story in multiple ways, and many students were discussing how they were different after her visit.’

Alyssa Morgan – Year 1 Teacher , Eastwood Primary School

‘Karen’s story helps to reflect on the care and concern that we have for the ‘other’.  Because her experience is so down to earth it reminds us that – from teachers to technicians – we all have a role to play.’

Brian Holden – Pastor, Brighton Church of Christ

‘Thank you so much for giving us such an inspiring morning with your beautiful music. I have been playing your CD non-stop in the car and it is giving me inspiration to face the busy schedule I have each day lately.’

Ruth Hodges – Admin Communications, Manningham Uniting Church

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