Scruffy and Silk

Public Speaker

Book readings, community events, churches

Book readings for children

Karen visits schools and other educational settings to share her book Scruffy and Silk with the children.  She then discusses individual differences and uses music and actions to enhance the message.

Karen answers students’ questions about being an author, encouraging them in their writing journey.

She also provides worksheets for children to explore the text in Scruffy and Silk and do some of their own writing.

‘It was an absolute pleasure having Karen join us to share her book Scruffy and Silk. She had our students totally hooked from the moment she began reading and got them involved throughout the story. Her inclusion of song and movement allowed for students to connect with the story in multiple ways, and many students were discussing how they were different after her visit.’


Community Events

Karen began public speaking in 2008.

She speaks at staff training events, retreats, breakfasts and conferences, as well as retirement villages and community groups.

Karen shares of her work in TAFE and secondary schools with students from disadvantaged backgrounds, how this impaired their learning and work opportunities; her work as a primary school chaplain and as a voluntary mentor.  She encourages others to reach out to the disadvantaged in our community.

Karen also speaks about her journey from a fear of public speaking to where she is now, encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone.  She shares her experiences with depression and other major surgery, when she’s had to stop and rest for a while, resulting in redirection of her life.

‘Karen provided a pleasant Sunday afternoon for our residents at Blue Hills. Her stories and singing were very uplifting and the words in the songs clear and meaningful.’



Karen shares her testimony and music in church services, seniors groups, women’s breakfasts and retreats.  She also visits church playgroups with her book Scruffy and Silk.  Karen has been interviewed on Gracewriters and Seymour FM radio.  For more information, click here.

‘Karen related, in a very inspiring way, some of her life experiences, especially in School Chaplaincy work. Her presentation was interwoven with a number of wonderful songs, which blended beautifully with her theme.’


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